Baby Polar Bear

Polar bears are members of bear family and are mostly found in the arctic regions. They do require extreme cold climates for survival and these Polar Regions are their only habitat. Baby polar bears are born as cute and healthy youngsters. They grow in to very big size if they survive maturity.

Female polar bears do give birth to the young ones between the age of four and eight. In most cases a female would give birth to the first set of cubes at the age of five Baby polar bears are mostly born in pairs. A female would give birth to at least three cubs. Only in rare cases will there be a one cub. The period from November to January is known as the maternity period for a polar bear. It gives birth to its young one in this period. The den were the cubs are born is known as ‘maternity dens’ as these are made specially to protect the new born babies from the freezing polar climates.

baby polar bear playing

A baby polar bear is born small and helpless. Their body would have thick hair which helps them to survive the cold of the arctic. These hairs would make the body warm and helps in slowly adapting with the extreme cold climate of the polar region.  At birth, a baby polar bear would weigh about a pound. These cubs would be 30 to 35 centimeters in length and starts growing very fast. New born polar bears will not have any senses so they are very much protected by their mothers from all enemies. The mothers keep their babies close to their body so as to keep the body of the cubs warm. A female polar bear do have special crevices within its body which can help to keep the body of cub warm as well.

A baby polar bear grows very fast. Like all other animals the mother does protect the child up to a certain period. During these times it is the calorie rich milk of their mothers which survives the life of a cub. Scientists say that the milk of a mother polar bear is rich in fat content. It is the mother which helps a cub to adapt itself with the climate of the arctic. She would emerge out of her den at the end of March or April so as to teach her babies the basic skills for hunting food. The cubs would be first treated with the food that is hunted by mothers and so these babies start eating solid food when they are four or five months old.

The baby polar bears stay with their mothers till the age of two and a half years. But the bears of the low arctic region leave their child even at the age of one and a half years. Within these years the baby polar bears would be taught how to catch the prey of their own. When these cubs have grown and attain a stage from which they can survive of their own, the mothers would chase them away to go and lead their own life.

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