Cleaning a Cockatiel Cage

If you asked a random group of pet enthusiasts what the worst part of having a pet was I bet that 99% of them would say “cleaning up after them”. Sadly it’s true that Cockatiels can be a little bit messy if they are given a chance so there are going to be times where you have to clean up after them or even just give their cage a nice freshening up. The more birds that you have the more often you will be cleaning as hygiene is actually very important for birds and the more cockatiels you have the more mess that will be created. Luckily for us however if you are well prepared then cleaning your cockatiels cage doesn’t need to be super stressful!

cleaning a cockatiel cage

Vacuum cleaners suck – Before you get too carried away and start pulling your cockatiels cage apart you can actually use your vacuum cleaner to suck up any excess feathers and seeds that may have fallen around the cage. Birds can be messy with their seeds and end up throwing half of it on the floor, this tip is a must for any bird owner!

Upgrade your cage – Modern cages have a bottom piece that can easily be removed for cleaning. To make your life easier you can line this bottom of the cage with newspapers so that to clean up all you have to do is change the newspaper.

Leave your cage to soak overnight – when you clean out your cage you can soak any particularly dirty bits in soap and water over night. Give the cage a general once over clean with a wet soapy cloth and make sure everything is really dry before you put your bird back into his or her cage. If you have a larger cage or an outside aviary it may not be possible to soak it in water, if this is the case just give it a thorough clean with a cloth and water or if you have access to a steam cleaner this would be ideal for cleaning a bigger cage.

Cleaning your Cockatiel’s cage doesn’t have to be a massive hassle! It’s best to clean regularly so the task doesn’t become too daunting and if you follow our tips above cleaning time will be cut in half leaving you with more time to enjoy your cockatiel bird!

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