Cockatiel Cages – What to Look for in a Quality Cockatiel Cage

Pet birds are a joy for any animal lover to have.  Everything about them, from their beautiful feathers and gorgeous colors to their singing and chirping, they can bring a smile to anyone’s face.  One bird that is commonly found as a pet is the cockatiel, a small companion parrot.  Just like any other pet you can get, you will have be prepared with a number of items to be able properly care for your new friend.  A cockatiel is no different and they will require a number of items such as a cage.  There are many different cockatiel cages you can choose from, so here is a guide of what to look for in a quality bird cage.

One of the first things you want to look at when buying cockatiel cages is safety.  You will want to buy a cage that is not going to trap your bird’s toes when they are trying to climb out of it.  You should also make sure that the cage bars are adequately spaced for a cockatiel.  If you buy a cage that is meant to house a bigger bird, the cage bars will spaced farther apart, allowing a smaller bird to get stuck in between them.  If you buy a cage that is too small in size, there won’t be enough room in it for your cockatiel to move around and it can have trouble while climbing out, harming itself in the process.

Large quality Cockatiel Cage

Going along with safety, the next thing you should look when purchasing cockatiel cages is their size.  Cockatiels in general will much rather be housed inside of a wider cage, not tall one.  As a general rule of thumb, you should buy a cage that is about double the length of your bird’s wingspan.  For the average cockatiel, that wingspan is somewhere around 14 inches, so a cage that is 28 inches wide should be adequate.  If you plan to put two birds into the same cage, the length should be much bigger, but doesn’t necessarily have to be triple the bird’s wingspan.

With safety and adequate sizing your first two priorities in buying cockatiel cages, the final point you want to look at is how functional the cage will be.  You will want to buy a cage that not only is good for your bird, but also one that is good for you too.  You want a cage that has easy mobility, is easy to clean.  Look for features like trays that slide out easily for faster cleaning and wheels that can make moving the cage much easier.

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