Italian Greyhound Clothes

While Italian Greyhounds will adjust to most climates they do not do well in cold wintery weather because of their short haired, single coat mane that will not retain heat. Dogs also rely on their body weight and excess fat to keep them warm both of which are lacking in Italian Greyhounds.

Although the dogs are not made for cold climates it does not immediately rule you out for having one if you happen to live where it gets cold. With the right clothing your IG will survive the onslaught of winter and even learn to enjoy it.

Italian Greyhound Clothes

Your Italian Greyhound clothes must include apparel for the winter to reduce threat to health. Your first piece should start with an appropriate raincoat to shelter the dog in an unexpected downpour. Since the dog will be affected even by the slightest bit of drizzle you can put the raincoat on then too. These are available in various colors, styles and sizes so you are sure to find one that matches you dog’s individual style.

Apart from raincoats other Italian Greyhound Clothing that you will need for your dog include bodysuits for full body protection when it is windy outdoors, sweaters to provide an extra layer of warmth, Jammies to keep warm indoors, sweatshirts for a sporty look, also great when there is just a mild chill and coats for when it is super cold.

Clothing is helpful when going outdoors but there are times when clothing can be also useful indoors. In the summer time turning on the air condition might be good for you but it could leave your dog cold. Throw on a sweater to help him keep warm.

For Italian Greyhound Clothing to really be effective you need to make sure that you purchase the right fit to ensure that the dog remains comfortable and warm. You will need to pull out your measuring tape in order to figure out the size that your dog really needs. When you measure you need to check:

  1. The girth which is a measurement of the dog’s chest behind the front legs.
  2. The neck which is useful when purchasing hooded sweatshirts and coats. Iggys have longer necks so be sure the take an accurate measurement.
  3. The length of the dog taken from the base of the neck to the base of the dog’s tail. The length will help with the fitting of coats, jammies and other apparel.

Caring for your Iggy means making sure that he is kept warm and comfortable and Italian Greyhound clothing will do just that. Other things that you can do to ensure that the dog is kept warm is to keep two or three warm beds throughout the house, provide an electric blanket or a warm body wrap for those days when it is exceptionally cold, keep the bed away from draughty areas and remember to bring him indoors whenever possible.

italian greyhound italian clothes

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