Parakeet Talking

Parakeets can talk! While they might not be able to carry conversations on with you they can repeat phrases and noises that they have heard. The more they are around you and comfortable with you the more likely they are to make noises that you make. Remember the more time you spend with your parakeet the more likely they are to talk to you! The key is the amount of time you spend with your parakeet!

Sadly not all parakeets can talk. Some don’t want to while others are physically incapable of talking or repeating noises. If your parakeet doesn’t talk to you don’t get discouraged, keep trying. It’ll be a great bonding activity even if your bird doesn’t talk back.

Repetition: The only way your parakeet is going to learn to talk is if you keep repeating yourself. So if you want them to say “Hello” you keep saying it. While you might feel a bit silly, it really does work. Keep repeating, repeating and repeating! It’s also a good idea to only start with one or two phrases and not a whole dictionary’s worth of words.

Where to Start:

The best place to start when teaching a parakeet to talk is with the phrase “Hello” or their name “Hello Snowy”. These are the most common phrases to start off with and really what you will say to your parakeet on a daily basis. Once your parakeet knows their name, it’ll be a cute sight to see your parakeet saying ‘Hello Snowy” or other type of phrases. From there you can work on other phrases, common ones include “pretty boy/girl” “polly want a cracker” and other phrases. Once your parakeet starts learning phrases they will quickly pick up more and more. They might even pick up things you didn’t want them to!

Talk to your Parakeet

Many people believe that their parakeet will start to talk by leaving a radio or TV on. When the parakeet doesn’t talk they get disappointed. The key to getting the parakeet to talk is to have YOU talk to them. They are most comfortable with you and your voice and will want to imitate it. So carry a conversation on with your bird, you might feel silly but soon the parakeet will be talking back to you!

Parakeets Mimic

While your parakeet might be saying cute phrases all over the place it doesn’t mean they know what they are saying. Parakeets are intelligent but not smart enough to understand what they are saying. In reality the talking is just a mimicking of your voice or the noise they heard. Don’t let that discourage you. It is a lot of fun teaching parakeets to talk and it makes for a great conversation starter with friends!

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