Parakeet Training

Like any pet animal it is always best to ensure they receive some sort of training. Birds are very intelligent animals and the Parakeet is no different! If you are willing to spend the time and energy with your parakeet then you are going to see results not only in the form of new abilities but also with the demeanor of your bird. This article is more of a generic overview of what you can achieve through parakeet training, for more detail please visit the specific pages on our site relating to different training activities.

Parakeet Hand training – This is really the place to start when it comes to training your parakeet! To start off with you will want to have a young parakeet that has been raised by hand; these birds are less timid and less afraid of human contact to begin with. Patience is the biggest factor for hand training, during the first training sessions you have to be willing to sit still for long periods of time and avoid any big movements. Mistakes on your part or if your bird gets spooked will send your training backwards meaning you have to devote more time to your parakeet.

Start by trying to get your parakeet to hop onto your finger and before you know it your parakeet will be hand trained. For a more in depth view on hand training check out our Parakeet Hand Training page.

Parakeet talking training – When people think of domesticated birds they generally think of them as talking animals! If you are one of these people then you are in luck because parakeets can be big talkers! Assuming your parakeet can (or wants to) talk then Repetition is the key to success. Start off with an easy word such as “hello” and keep on repeating it to your parakeet. Keep things simple and start with one or 2 words and before you know it your feathered friend will have a vast repertoire of words. If you want more help with parakeet talking then check out our page dedicated to it!

Parakeet Whistling training – Ah the sweet sounds of a chirping budgie. Whilst most people limit themselves to the idea of speech why not teach your parakeet some cool tunes to whistle? Whistling with my parakeet is actually one of my favourite parts of bird ownership and it could be yours too! Similar to teaching your parakeet to talk you can repeat songs and whistling sounds to your parakeet and they will learn them! Before you know it your favorite guitar rift will be coming out of your parakeet in whistling form! For more help with parakeet whistling check out our page to get you started.

This is just an introduction to some of the great parakeet training you can do with your bird! The more time you spend with your feathered friend the closer your bond will become. Parakeets are smart, affectionate and active little birds so don’t put this to waste! Start training your parakeet today and before you know it they will be doing a bunch of parakeet tricks!

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