Parakeets as Pets

Although Parakeets are originally from the wild, these wonderful birds make great pets. As a child what their favorite animal is and usually the more traditional responses include dog, cat or fish. No one really thinks of parakeets as a pet, but the fact is these little birds make wonderful pets! Here are some of the great reasons that parakeets should be listed as one of the best pets to have!

Parakeets Can Talk

Parakeets are one of those rare animals that over time can learn to talk with their owners. Yes, a dog can learn to bark on command and a cat can meow when it comes near but it doesn’t sound the same. With the proper training and time devoted to teaching the parakeet to speak it’ll just be a matter of time before they are chit chatting back with their owners.

Parakeets Are Little Whistlers

Pucker up those lips and give a little whistle! Whistling has been listed as one of the ways that humans can relieve stress and feel refreshed. Very few people know that Parakeets are great whistlers. Parakeets have wonderful memories that allow them to remember tunes and whistle tones and repeat them back. It’ll take some time and training but pretty soon your Parakeet will be whistling back to you. Maybe your parakeet will have a favorite tune that it can whistle on demand and entertain your friends.

Parakeets as Social Animals

There are many therapeutic qualities to having an animal rub up against your leg or sit in your lap. Most people assume that only cats and dogs can do this but parakeets are just as sociable as these other animals. After a parakeet has been hand trained it can be just as socialable as any cat or dog. Some of the great social ways that parakeets are sociable include allowing for head pats, little nibbling on your fingers and even the ability to walk up your arm, shoulders or head and spend some time with you. Just some of the great ways parakeets show their affection to you.

Parakeets are also very sociable to other parakeets and birds. For the most part they enjoy the company of other birds and will interact, play and chirp along with each other. However, just like humans sometimes a parakeet will not get along with other parakeets or birds and will need to be separated. Just watch for the signs of aggression from your parakeet and know when your parakeet has had too much fun and interaction and need some alone time.

Playful and Fun Interactions

Parakeets love to play. Toys, baths and mirrors are just some tricks to keeping the parakeet entertained and occupied. Playing with some of the toys or making a bath for your parakeet are just some of the ways to bond with your parakeet. Just a small bowl of water can serve as a pool for the parakeet and keep them busy for hours. They’ll hop in and out, shake water on their wings and just enjoy playing in the water. As every parakeet is different what one enjoys playing with another won’t. Some will enjoy taking a long bath while other will only enjoy a solo bath for 5 minutes. Some birds will enjoy playing with toys with bells and others will stay as far away from toys with bells. Watch your parakeet for what toys they enjoy and enjoy some bonding time with your parakeet.

While it might take some training, a parakeet can be just as much a social companion to any human as a cat or dog can be. These wonderful birds have ways of letting you know their mannerisms and emotions from a tilt of the head, a sharp chirp or a wing flip a parakeet has many ways of letting you know what they are thinking. As with every animal, parakeets can differ. The way one acts will not be the same as another and that’s what make them such wonderful pets.

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