Polar Bears and Global Warming

What is global warming? It is the rise in earth’s temperature due to the increasing amount of harmful pollutants in the atmosphere. Global warming has led to many problems for mankind. It has increased the earth’s temperature; changes in the climate cycle, melting of arctic ice, extinction of many species etc. Polar bears are one of those species which are facing the threat of extinction due to global warming. According to recent studies, if the global warming continues for some more years, then the extinction of these polar bears would happen very soon. In fact what global warming does is, by actually melting those ices in the arctic, the habitat of these polar bears are destroyed and thus leading them to extinction.

Polar bears are found mostly in the Polar Regions. These species are part of a very balanced ecosystem. They live in extreme cold climates and so are mostly found in the Arctic. The impact of global warming on these polar bears is very large. They are sure not to live more if the global warming continues at the present rate. According to a recent study conducted by the US Geological Survey, the population of polar bears would reduce by at least two third if the global warming continues to increase like this.

Polar Bears Global Warming

How is global warming causing harm to polar bears? These animals require extreme cold climate to survive. The arctic’s have this climate which is now damaged by global warming. Due to the increase in temperatures, the ice in the arctics is slowly melting down thus destroying the habitats of polar bears. Another significant damage that is caused to polar bears is that they are loosing their hunting grounds. This thick packed ice has been the hunting ground for polar bears. Seals are their biggest preys. Due to the melting of ice, polar bears are finding it very hard to hunt their prey.

Studies have found out that polar bears are now not living for more than three years. They are actually facing shortage of foods as their habitats have been destroyed and thus their hunting grounds. Many polar bears are starving to death because of the absence of a reliable food source. The ices are melting very quickly and thus in a direct way causing impact on the lives of the polar bears as well. If the projections of NASA are to be believed, then all these thick packed ices in the arctic would melt by the year 2012. They have also found that many of these polar bears are actually drowning due to the melting of ice which has lead to rougher seas.

What is the effect of these rougher seas? As a result of this, polar bears are finding it hard to hunt their prey. Seals can’t be easily accessed as the ices are melting very fast. Global warming has lead to the reduction of the number of seals which means less food for polar bears. It’s time that we act against global warming, or very soon we will see these species extinct from our earth.

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