Shih Tzu Puppies Information

Ahh the most adorable stage of any dogs life is the puppy stage and shih tzu’s are no different! Shih Tzu puppies are simply gorgeous but like any new puppy there are things you must do to ensure the future of your dog is a good one! If you havn’t owned a shih tzu puppy before then you are in for a real treat!

Spay or neuter your shih tzu – Unless you are planning to breed your shih tzu then it is recommended by vet’s to spay or neuter your dog. This reduces the chances of some cancers that occur in the reproductive organs and also eliminates your chances of waking up to a litter of little shih tzu puppies!

Shih Tzu Puppies

Housebreaking and toilet training your shih tzu puppy – This can be a really time consuming part of dog ownership but unless you own a carpet business you won’t be able to afford to skip it! The trick to toilet training any puppy is to be consistent, if you catch a puppy in the act then you should punish him, but if you find out about the accident 10 minutes later you will actually confuse your dog. Take your shih tzu puppy outside six times a day, particularly after meals, so they can get into a routine! Keep an eye out for any hints that your dog may need to go outside; dogs will often sniff and circle before they lift their leg!

Puppy Proof your house – Little dogs are a little inquisitive! If they are able to get into cupboards or switch boxes they may chew on poison or live wiring! Keep their mouths occupied with a nylabone or a chew toy so they have something to chew so they don’t need to find their own entertainment! Puppy proofing is a lot like baby proofing, remove any poisonous plants or harmful objects. It’s best not to leave puppies alone with kids until you have trained both, make sure they don’t pat your shih tzu too hard or pull on his ears, what’s common sense to an adult isn’t always the case for a child!

Start Training your Shih Tzu – The most important thing (after toilet training maybe) is obedience training. Having an un-ruley dog can cause major stress and destruction in a household so it is super important to give your puppy boundaries and make sure they understand who is in charge. Shih Tzu Puppies need to mingle with other dogs and people as well to ensure they are confident and learn how to behave around other dogs. It’s best to start teaching your dog good behaviors as early as possible as it can be tough to train them later, as the old saying goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” (which is half true)!

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