Tips for Buying a Cockatiel

Sadly it is all too common for people to buy a new pet from a pet store, form a bond with them, name them, love them…and then 2 weeks later your pet dies. Sometimes this can be the fault of the owner for not looking after their new pet properly but there are also times when the animal may have already been sick and unwell before you purchased it from the pet store. Because of this second factor it can be really important to know the facts before you buy a new cockatiel or you may end up bringing home a new disease for your other pets or even your family! Even if a bird looks healthy they may actually be carrying salmonella bacteria which can cause some serious health problems even in humans. Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you buy the right cockatiel.

A healthy looking Cockatiel

Find a reputable breeder – Rather than buying your cockatiel from a random pet store why not jump online and search for a local breeder? There is a good chance that a local breeder will actually supply the local pet store but if you go directly to the source you can cut out some handling of the bird. If you can’t find a breeder online you can ask your local vet or even your pet shop if they can put you in touch with an experienced cockatiel breeder.

Check with an Avian Vet – If you want to be really careful before you buy a new cockatiel then you can either take the bird to an avian vet or actually ask the vet to accompany you when you pick up your bird. Both of these instances are likely to incur a fee but if it puts your mind at ease about the health of your bird then it is well worth it.

Look out for signs of illness – If you do decide to go out on your own and buy a cockatiel then at least keep an eye out for cockatiel health problems that may indicate illness.

What to look for when buying a cockatiel – There are many good attributes to look for in a cockatiel and it doesn’t hurt to ask some questions and get some info such as:

  • Look at the cockatiel’s food – make sure the cockatiel has been hand fed a proper cockatiel diet.
  • Check the birds feathers – If there are missing feathers or the bird looks scruffy looking it can be a sign of disease or stress.
  • Check the bird’s posture – A happy healthy cockatiel stands upright with their chest out! Hunched over or timid birds may have some issues.
  • Check your bird’s eyes and nose – Cockatiels eyes should be clear and wide open. The nasal passage should be free of blockages and keep an eye out for any excessive sneezing!
  • Check for the other usual suspects when it comes to bird and cockatiel issues.

If you follow these points you should be ok with your new cockatiel. Whether you purchase your new bird from a pet store or directly from a breeder it is a good idea to get some sort of guarantee that the bird is in good health and won’t bite the dust any time soon. Back this guarantee up by taking any new birds to an avian vet straight away for a general check up.

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